Walsh’s Pharmacy has provided health and lifestyle products, and services to the community of Arthur, and now Mount Forest, since 1952, as well as Wellington County.

We are now honoured to be a 3rd generation health care provider in the region. As the demands and expectations of our communities have changed and grown, so too has the ability of Walsh’s Pharmacy to anticipate and keep pace with those needs. Walsh’s Pharmacy and BIOS Medical, a division of Thermor Ltd (originally named Taylor Instrument) established a partnership in 2014 to bring this health and lifestyle catalogue to you.

You will note that this catalogue contains an extensive presentation of personal, as well as household, aids and assistive devices and general home appliances, all designed to help you maintain an independent lifestyle.

Please take the time to review this catalogue; share it with friends, neighbours and other family members. Many products are available in-store, but can also be reviewed and ordered through our Virtual Store; Special Order services are also available.

Thinking of providing an aid, or assistive device for someone, but uncertain as to their actual need? Why not consider a Walsh’s Gift Card(s) and provide the gift of choice.

We also offer: Layaway programs for big-ticket purchases; accredited compression stocking/certified brace fitters onsite; installation/product assembly arrangements, and more…

All BIOS Diagnostic products are sold with confidence by Walsh’s Pharmacy, and are backed by medical device licences issued by Health Canada*.

We hope you find this catalogue both an informative and a useful resource for your daily living needs.

Joe & Cheryl Walsh
Walsh’s Pharmacy
Arthur & Mount Forest

*Note: Some devices advertised in this catalogue may not hold a Canadian Medical Device Licence, and therefore are not available for sale in Canada.